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Whispers Of Your Heart
A weekly gentle reminder for all of us

Iíd love to hear from you. Email me your suggestions, comments, concerns or just to say Ďhi.í Remember to drop by again next week, for a tender token from Whispers Of Your Heart. Allow your heart to delight in the loving messages from Whispers Of Your Heart and share it with your friend and loved ones. Maybe you know someone who needs at gentle reminder, or someone who always reminds you of your heartís whispers. Many thanks from the recess of my heart. Ida.

Week 1

Self-nurturing: A Loving Reminder From Our Hearts
by Ida Noah

Self-nurturing is not selfish. It is an act of gratitude and thankfulness. By taking great care of ourselves, we are saying thank you for these beautiful and magnificent persons - ourselves. 

Iíve recently got an e-mail from my sister. Her tone was different, somewhat listless. She didnít sound like her cheerful and loving self. She sounded quite peeved as she told me she was tired of taking care of everyone, mostly our younger sisters, who are, in truth, just couple years younger than she is. One thing I greatly admire about my sister is her selfless devotion to our younger sisters and parents. 

My sister is a true nurturer but she has miles-wide tendency to take care of everyone at the expense of herself. When she was younger, fresh out of college, being the oldest, she did everything all by herself and learned about life along the way. Thus, she wants to ensure that her loved ones donít have to take the same tough route. 

After receiving her frustrated e-mail, I thought it was time for her to pull back and let our not-so-little sisters bail themselves out. Gently I share my opinion with her. At first, she hesitates to budge away, but her heart knows better. My heart is talking to hers, it understands what her mind denies. 

When we overdo or over-commit, our hearts will always find ways to remind us to slow down and trust that things always turn out to be of everyoneís best interest. Give to others out of love, not obligation or fear that they wonít survive without our assistances. Say Ďyesí, when we truly mean it, and say Ďnoí when yes means stretching ourselves to fit in. 

We undermine otherís strength and ingenuity if we think their happiness and survivals depend solely on us. In fact, our interferences may block their coming to term with their tears and challenges. Our purposes are not to make our loved onesí lives smooth sailing and alright while letting ours go to ashes. Our purposes are to fully love and guide our loved ones or others to realize their own inner strengths and resourcefulness. We can be there for them, but when doing so conflicts with our own self-nurturing, itís time to step aside and trust their own innate intelligence to find their own ways.

We can offer unlimited ideas, supports, or loves to them, but they need to lean on their own inner power. The same power that lies within all of us. Notice that in facing hardships we grow into our own power and esteems. We go back to the Source, the one that creates and breaths lives into us. Trust this Source that sustains all creations to support our loved ones in time of their difficulties. Then notice their creative power and confidence increase while facing their own challenges. 

Giving and receiving is the same, to give we must also learn to receive. First we must learn to receive love from ourselves. By being there for ourselves in loving, compassionate ways, the giving of ourselves to others is flowing and genuinely sincere. We wonít begrudge them for what we give because it comes from the deep place of love within ourselves. But first we must discover that place through self-care.

Self-caring means loving and nurturing ourselves and to some it may not come easily because we tend to overlook ourselves. Naturally, we are most happy when we bring happiness into the lives of others - people we care and love, even to strangers. But it becomes a drawback when we take from our Ďinner wellsí without replenishing them. When they dry, our nurturing of others start to spring from guilt or fear of losing their affections or approvals. We lose connections with our own places of deep love, from our hearts. 

Let us rejuvenate our inner wells everyday. Devote a portion of our times to do things that empower and increasing our sense of worthiness and respects. What are the things you love to do? Things that give you that warm inner smiles. It can be as simple as walking in the park, puttering around your garden, watching the sun rises, sipping your favorite tea in the stillness of the moment, lying on the grass enjoying your precious present, or just sitting in silent communion with nature. Allocate some time even how teeny it is to do the things we love daily. Treat ourselves to Ďa daily dose of self-loving.í Thank you... whisper our hearts. 

Whatever give us great joy is our hearts tender whisper, "Do it frequently, love, realign with your inner joy." We cannot expect others to respect and care about us if we donít first love and nurture ourselves. We cannot give others what we donít have, self-love. We can only give love when we love ourselves. Self-nurturing means we are making a statement that who and what we are, matter and we are loved and loving to both ourselves and others. 

Self-loving doesnít happen overnight, but we can plant the seeds of awareness, today, at this very moment. We can only bring love into othersí lives when we are love itself by loving and nurturing ourselves. 

We are love, loving and loved. We are in tune with our heartís whispers. Then, we hear soothing and lulling whispers, "I love you," over and over again, and it is getting clearer, yet gentle in nature. We know we are home.